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The Monument to Minin and Pozharskii on the Red Square

Red Square

Ivan Petrovich Martos' Monument to Minin and Pozharskii was unveiled on February 20, 1818 with the Tsar, Tsarina, and "countless numbers of people" present. It is a special, legendary monument that immortalizes not only the feat of these two people but also the heroism of the whole nation in its fight against Polish and Lithuanian invaders. But its history is closely linked to another date celebrating the power of Russian arms. The monument was originally planned for 1812,-the 200th anniversary of the invaders' expulsion. But we all know that this year is associated with another outbreak of war. Therefore, after the defeat of Napoleon's troops, the desire to finish the project only gained momentum. The people raised money from pledges from Nizhny Novgorod residents, the home town of Kuzma Minin. The monument was erected in the center of the Red Square in the 1818. The monument was slightly moved to make way for processions through the Red Square. The author commented on the concept of the monument: "Minin is striving to save the Fatherland, grasps Pozarskii's arm with his right hand as a sign of their like-minded commitment, and with his left hand shows him Moscow at the edge of the grave." According to classical traditions, which Martos was an adherent of, the figures were outwardly reminiscent of classical statues, but he tried to imbue them with national identity. Pozharskii's shield contains a depiction of the Savior. Minin's classical tunic, worn over breeches, goes well with his Russian embroidered shirt. His hair is cropped over to one side.

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