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Peter the Great Statue (in honour of 300th anniversary of Russian navy)

Krymskaya Naberezhnaya

The Peter the Great Statue (sculptor - Z.К. Tsereteli) was unveiled in 1997 on the spit of Moscow Riverand Vodootvodny Canal (water bypass canal). Grand statuary group was erected on the artificial island. The unveiling of the monument was coincided with commemoration of 850th anniversary of Moscow. The total height of the monument is 98 meters: it is the highest monument in Russia and one of the highest in the world.  The construction of statuary group is very complicated and unique. The column, fixed up on the granite pedestal, supports the boat, in which the figure of Peter the Great is situated. The frame structures of the monument are fabricated of stainless steel and bronze facing blocks are fixed on them.  Pedestal, boat and tsar figure were framed separately and were fixed up in the assembled condition. Peter the Great is holding golden scroll in his hand. St. Andrew's flags are fixed up on bearings as wind spinners; roods on them are also golden. Fountains, which create effect of floating ploughing boat, are built in reinforced concrete base.

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