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Monument to Mikhail Lermontov

Krasnie Vorota Square

Monument to Mikhail Lermontov (sculptor – I. Brodsky, architects N. Milovidov, E. Saevich) was opened on June 4, 1965 in a park on Lermontovskaya Square. The sculptor has managed to express the personality and character of art works of one of the greatest Russian poets in a plastic image of. It is very concise in form and dynamics, large smooth molded planes converging and diverging at an acute angle, tough on the contours, the sculpture is as if full of internal energy. Clasping his hands behind his back and leg thrust forward smartly, stands the bronze Lermontov, the wind fluttering his collar and skirts of his greatcoat. The portrait is very expressive - pensive youthful face with sad eyes. The bronze figure of the poet is grille protected as well as the bas-relief, which shows the metal images of Lermontov's works - "The Novice", "Demon," "Sail." The effect of topography is built on a game of contrasts: the bronze and stone, smooth surface of a cylindrical pedestal and through lattice.

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