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Sculptural composition Children are the Victims of Adult Vices

Bolotnaya Square

Sculptural composition «Children are the Victims of Adult Vices» (sculptor – Shemiakin M.M., architect – Efimov A.V.) was installed in2001 inthe park, named for the 800th anniversary ofMoscow. It was ceremonially opened at the Day of the City. The composition is planned by the author as an allegory of the struggle against world evil as a symbol and a call to struggle for the salvation of the present and future generations. A spectator sees before him 15 pieces: two children with a blindfold playing hide and seek but around them are three-meter allegorical monsters, which are depicted as human figures with the heads of fish and animals. As explained by the sculptor Shemyakin, that's the historically established traditions to portray the vices: of drug addiction, prostitution, theft, alcoholism, ignorance, propaganda of violence, pseudoscientists, indifference, sadism, for the forgetful, child labor exploitation, poverty, war.

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