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Monument To the Conquerors of Space

Mira avenue

The monument To the Conquerors of Space (sculptor - А.P. Faydysh-Krandievsky, architects - М.О. Barshch, А.N. Kolchin, designers - L.I. Shchipakin, V.V. Laptev) was unveiled  in 1964 on  Geroyev kosmosa avenue at the 7th anniversary of the first earth-circling satellite launching,  in commemoration of breakthrough in opening up of outer space by soviet people. It is made of metalwork, clad in with space-aged polished titanium. The monument imitates of plume (on the top of obelisk). The high-level part of the monument is a unique engineering structure (the height is 110 meters) with canting angle of 77 degrees and 250 ton weight. On the side walls of the monument, there are bronze multi-figures high relieves, glorifying work of space systems scientists, engineers and workers. 

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