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Monument to A. Griboedov

Chistoprudniy Blvd

Monument to A. Griboedov (sculptor – A. Manuilov, architect – A. Zavarzin) was established on June 27, 1959 near house 42 on Myasnitskaya Street. A brilliant writer, a famous diplomat, a good pianist, lived a short life but vivid, full of events, which ended with a tragic event inTehran, where he arrived to perform a diplomatic mission. He was killed along with all the staff of the Russian embassy (only one person was able to escape) in 1829 during the massacre made by religious fanatics. In 1959 was 130 years since the tragic death of the writer. To this date the monument to Griboyedov was established in Moscowon Chistoprudny Boulevard. The writer lived for some time a few minutes walk away from this place. The authors of the monument depicted Griboyedov in deep thought. At the bottom of the pedestal the characters of his immortal play Woe from Wit are placed.

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