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Monument to Ostrovsky near the Maly Theater

Teatralnaya Square

Monument to Ostrovsky near the Maly Theater (sculptor - N. Andreev, architect – I. Mashkov) was opened on May 27, 1929 at near the Maly Theatre on the 100th anniversary of the playwright. It was established on April 13, 1923 on the occasion of 100th anniversary of the Great Russian playwright, and a solemn meeting was opened by the People's Commissar of Education of RSFSR A. Lunacharsky. The place for the monument to Alexander Ostrovsky was chosen not by chance – his plays did not descend from the stage of Maly Theatre. In 1923 a competition was announced for the project of the monument. The project of sculptor N. Andreev was the only one that caused the almost unanimous approval of all committee members. The playwright is depicted sitting in a chair in a state of deep meditation. In his hands he holds a small notebook and a pencil (apparently the sculptor wanted to depict the playwright at the time of creative process). Monument to Alexander Ostrovsky, of course, was a success, and it is difficult to imagine Teatral’naya Square now without his figure comfortably collapsed in a chair.

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