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Monument Tchaikovsky

Boshaya Nikitskaya Str

Tchaikovsky monument (sculptors V. Mukhina, Z. Ivanov, N. Zelenskaya,
architects A. Zavarzin, D. Savitsky) was opened on November 15,1954 in front of Moscow Conservatory in honor of the centennial. The sculpture of the composer is made of bronze, the pedestal is of red granite. The front side of the pedestal reads The Great Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Tchaikovsky is depicted sitting in a chair in front of a music stand, on which there is an open music book. The right hand with a pencil is ready to write a musical phrase, the left hand is counting rhythms of its sound. Maestro is depicted in the moment of creative inspiration. Monument to Tchaikovsky inMoscow, surrounded by a marble bench with a bronze grating as a stave with fragments of musical phrases of his best works. The lattice is complete with bronze harps. Location of the monument to Tchaikovsky inMoscow is very well chosen: sounds of music pouring from the windows of conservatory complement the sculptural image - it seems that Peter Ilyich is listening to musical phrases, conducting in tact.

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