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Monument to L. Tolstoy

52, Povarskaya Str

Monument to L. Tolstoy (sculptor – G. Novokreshchenova, architect - V. Vasnetsov) was opened in 1956 in front of the mansion of late XVIII-early XIX century, known as the "House of Rostov," depicted in the novel by  Leo Tolstoy War and Peace. The writer is represented sitting in a granite chair with a traditional attribute of the writer - a book in his hands. The outward appearance of the sculpture is similar to a painting by Ilya Repin, in which the writer is captured with a book. A portrait likeness, relaxed pose, his head on the chin, big hands are on the arms of chairs, clothing typical of the author. House of Rostov, in which he placed the heroes of his work (a commemorative plaque reminds of it) is now occupied by writers' organizations.

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