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Monument to Vladimir Mayakovsky at Triumphalnaya Square

Triumphalnaya Square

Monument to Vladimir Mayakovsky (sculptor – A. Kibalnikov) was opened on July 29, 1958 at the square named after him. Sculptor Kibalnikov was awarded the Lenin Prize for the implementation of this work. The monument represents the poet standing in a characteristic pose speaker - reader. Broad-shouldered, in an unbuttoned jacket with a notebook in hand, as if having prepared to read poetry, powerful bass sound overlapping polyphonic Square. Six-meter monumental figure rises triumphantly above the Square. Bold look of a man - an agitator, poet - wrestler is to the side of the rising sun. On the pedestal of the monument to Vladimir Mayakovsky such words are inscribed: And I, as the spring of mankind, born to work and in action, I sing my country, my republic! For lovers of Mayakovsky’s poetry this monument has become a place of traditional meetings.

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