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Monument to A. Tolstoy

Bolshaya Nikitskaya Str.

Monument to A. Tolstoy (sculptor – G. Motovilov, architect - L. Polyakov) was opened on July 3, 1957 in a park on Nikitskaya Str., located opposite the main entrance to the Temple of Great Resurrection - near the house where the writer lived (now it is the Museum-apartment of Leo Tolstoy). The bronze figure is a little  heavy, molded with large planes, delineated by broken lines and mounted on a small, slightly tapering upward rectangular pedestal of black Labrador. The image of the writer, traditionally sitting in a chair, in a characteristic pose, with the indispensable pad and pencil, is permeated with the spirit of creativity and hard work of thought. His hair, the deliberate negligence of clothing, impressively uninhibited pose, soulful face give away unusual impulsiveness for a young age and depict ​​a beginning writer of the Silver Age ore than recognized light of Soviet literature, the author of the concept of "monumental realism." This edge of the image, successfully captured by author of the monument gives the monument originality and particular characteristics, in spite of outer commonality of the composition.

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