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The monument to Karl Marx

Teatralnaya Square

The monument to Karl Marx (sculptor - Kerbel L.E., architects - Begunets R.A., Kovalchuk N.A., Makarevich V.G., Morgulis V.M.) was opened on October 29, 1961 on Sverdlov Square (nowadays - Theatre Square). It was established in this place not by chance - time ago there was an avenue of his name. An impressive monument weighing 160 tons is made of monolithic block of gray granite, which was mined by Dnepropetrovsk. Karl Marx is depicted as a speaker, which stands on the podium as if drawn with fiery speech to the workers. In the central part monument is decorated with the slogan "Workers of All the Countries, Unite!". On both sides the sculptural composition includes two granite pylons. On one of them carved phrase of Lenin: "The teaching of Marx is omnipotent, because it is true", on the other - the words of Friedrich Engels, who said at the funeral of Marx: "His name and deals will live long centuries".

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