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Monument to N.E. Bauman

Elokhovskaya square

The monument to N.E. Bauman (sculptor - B.D. Korolev) was unveiled in 1931 in Pushkinsky park in Eelokhovskaya square. It is one of the first Soviet monuments. Maestro represented Nikolay Ernestovich in calm posture: his left hand is hidden in a coat and by his right hand he takes to breast the sheaf of underground paper Iskra. Across the sheaf the paper’s name is sculptured in big letters. Low relieves on the front of the monument to Bauman in Moscow represent vital events of revolutionary: break-out from deportation, breaking from prison and violent death, as well as citations from obituary in Bolshevistic newspaper Proletariy, written by V.I. Lenin. On the front side of Bauman monument in Moscow the epigraph is carved: «Nikolay Ernestovic Bauman.  1873-1905». Below we can see Lenin’s words: «Let honours given to his ashes by rebellion people will be the pledge of victory and complete annihilation of damned tsarism».

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