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Memorial Chapel to Grenadiers, who Died in the Battle of Plevna

Ilyinskie vorota Platz

The memorial chapel to Grenadiers, who died in the Battle of Plevna (architect – V.O. Sherwood, engineer-colonel A.I. Lyashkin) was erected in 1887 in memory of Grenadiers, who died in the battle of Plevna on November 18, 1877 for the liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman yoke. Octagonal cast-iron chapel is crowned with hip roof with Islamic half-moon and orthodox cross on it. Its sides are decorated with 4 high relieves. There are epigraphs on the sides. In front of the monument, we can see cast-iron pedestals with epigraph: “In favour of maimed Grenadiers and their families” (there were alms-baskets on those pedestals). Inside the chapel, interior of which is decorated with polychrome ornamental tiles, there were picturesque images of Alexander Nevsky, John the Soldier, Saints Cyril and Methodius, bronze plates with the names of dead Grenadiers – 18 officers and 542 soldiers. 

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