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V.V. Vorovsky Monument

Vorovskogo Square

The bronze monument of the revolutionary and one of the first Soviet diplomats V.V. Vorovsky was opened on 11 May 1924 in the small courtyard which opens onto the passage of the First Russian Insurance Society.

The monument, constructed as a project of the sculptor M. I. Katz, was installed on the anniversary of V.V. Vorovsky's death.  A plenipotentiary representative of the RSFSR and USSR in Italy, Vatslav Vatslavovich Vorovsky was part of the Soviet delegation to the Lausanne conference in Switzerland in 1923, and was shot by former White Army member Moris Conrady in the "Cecil" restaurant.  The law exonerated Vorovsky's murderer, citing the crimes of Bolsheviks in the USSR.  This became one cause of the breakdown of diplomatic relations between the USSR and Switzerland.

The monument was created with the participation of the NKID, NKVD and representatives of the USSR abroad, which is evidenced by the dedication on the rear side of the pedestal.  The marble base of the memorial is made of stone sent by the workers of Italy.

Earlier in place of Vorovksy Ploschad stood the Church of the Entry of Our Most Holy Lady and Theotokos into the Temple, built from 1514 and 1519 by the Italian architect Alviz Fryazin Nov.  Under the pretense of moving the monument in 1924, the church was demolished.  The newly freed corner between Kuznetsky Most, Bolshaya Lubyanka and Furkasovsky got the name Vorovsky Ploschad, however the memorial to V. V. Vorovsky in its center wasn't moved.

The memorial to Voronovsky is an object of cultural heritage of regional importance.  In 2008 its restoration was completed, the first since its creation.

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