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Дарвиновский музей

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The State Darwin Museum was founded on 7 October 1907 by the young zoologist Alexander Kots. Today it is the largest natural and scientific museum of Europe. Exposition tells about history of evolution theory, variety of life on the Earth, variability and genetic background, natural selection and struggle for existence in the nature. The unique part of the funds makes up collections of aberrant forms, albinos and melanists, teeth of died sharks, animalistic art and also rare books. Computers are installed in the museum halls with access to the Internet and allowing to receive detailed information not only about museum exposition but also about many other large natural and scientific museums of Russia. Unique “Training tour guides-guide books” give a chance to study any section of the exposition independently by the visitors. Light-video-music exposition “Live planet”, multimedia center “Eko-Moskva” and cinema-lecture work in the museum. Biological hobby group and fine art studio are opened for children.

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