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4th Syromjatnicheskiy, 1, bldg 6
+7 (495) 916-27-27, +7 (495) 917-46-46

In the year 2007, the Centre for Contemporary Art “Winzavod” was opened on the premises of an old Moscow brewery. Seven industrial buildings from the late XIX century were transformed into the most fashionable spaces in the capital. Three large exhibition halls, photo galleries, design studios, artists' workshops, cafes and shops occupy the 20,000-square-foot area. 

Even before 2007, Winzavod was always a popular destination. The grounds once housed the private residence of princess Ekaterina Volkonskaya. Later, Nikifor Prokofyev built a large estate with a factory for brewing honey beer. The subsequent owners used the territory as a mill for the production of wax, resin and cork. In the 70's and 80's of the XIX century, the mill was seized by the publicly-owned “Moscow Bavaria” by brothers Ivan and Kirill Tarusiny. The plant began producing the premium “Venskoe Chistoe No. 1” [Венское Чистое No. 1] and the well-known “Black Velvet” [Черное бархатное] beers. 

In 1909, the old estate shrank. The western part was cut off by the Moscow-Kurskaya railway and the part leading to Yauza was sold. The main building of today's Winzavod then housed a four year city college. There was an entire complex of charity organizations across Hludovksy Lane (now Syromyatnichesky, 6) including a house for the poor, a church shelter and a free women's vocational school. During the Soviet era the Syromyatniki were left as unimpressive railway slums. 

Winzavod, which is now one of the most popular centers for contemporary art in the capital, is divided into eight parts: the white hall, red hall, large wine cellar, fermenting hall, the hanger, vintage hall, lecture hall and the excise warehouse. Festivals and educational programs in cinema, architecture and design are regularly held in the open areas of Winzavod as well as many charity events. 

Visitors of Winzavod come not only for the fashion shows, but also for a fun and interesting way to spend the day. Inside Winzavod you can find the famous concept showroom Cara&Co, the city's largest shop for artists “Peredvizhnik”, and a mini-supermarket of books called “Falanster”, which houses a large assortment of books on art, philosophy, history, and photography. 

Children can also have fun at Winzavod. From 9 am to 9 pm kids can visit a creative workshop where they will learn the basics of painting. The services of the kids' workshop are paid and appointments must be made in advance. 

Even the cafes at Winzavod are artsy and a bit unusual. At cafe “Tricky People” they show movies, play live concerts, serve English ciders and ales, the best cheesecake in town and welcome their guests with the help of animals. “Tsurtsumia Cafe” attracts its customers with its pleasant atmosphere, reasonable prices, delicious baked goods and showings of rare films accompanied by the commentary of film critic Andrey Pakhlov. The cafe often hosts book readings and parties. 

Lectures on contemporary art are held weekly in the vintage and lecture halls. 

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