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The Open Air Museum of Military Technique

The monument to honor the soldiers-internationalists who served in the staff of the limited contingent of Soviet troops in the Republic of Afghanistan in 1979-1989 was opened on the 15 of May, 1992.                                                                    

On September 27th, 2007 warlike equipment of infantry bearing  the names of all the citizens of who perished in the so called “hot-points” was settled in front of the building.

As an event of the Town Day celebrations in 2013, a second part of the unique open air exposition was erected in the Square of Soldiers-internationalists. Five more units of warlike equipment were added to а BMP-1 tank which had been settled in 2007: a self-propelled howitzer SAU-2C1, BMP-1, BTR-70, a 100-millimetre antitank cannon T-12 and the most popular Soviet artillery weapon ZIS-3

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