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Monument for the 850th anniversary of Yelets

It is not by chance that a monument for defenders of Yelets was installed on the Red Square; the monument was made as per the design of N.Kravchenko, a sculpture and a professor at our Yelets State University.The monument was installed in 1996 in honor of the 850th anniversary. It is a statue of duke personifying the valour and strength of Russia of almost 3 meters high. The statues of a Yelets militia man and a soldier of the Great Patriotic War are standing nearby. The fourth figure is female – the symbol of the native land. We can also

see Acropolis here in the park. The archeological excavations on the Red Square of the town near the area of the memorial sign installation performed by professor N.Tropin in 1996 produced a lot of interesting materials: The place of the most ancient old Resurrection Cathedral in Yelets was specified; its structures were identified; the date of its foundation was confirmed; the South-Western border of the cemetery at the cathedral was determined; a lot of household items, coins and adornments were found

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