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Komsomol Square

The place where the Komsomolsky Public Garden is located was named “Shchepnaya Square”(Sliver); town residents called it “Sennaya” (Hay) perhaps because trade fairs were held thereat, and hay, grains, and other goods abundant in

Yelets were sold over there. In 1948, the town authorities decided to make a public garden.

This public garden is called Komsomolsky not by chance . The Walk of Fame of Komsomol Members – heroes, our fellow-countrymen – was made here. Their names and photos are a tribute to the memory of those who were dutiful and protected the fatherland in the years of the Great Patriotic War. And opposite to that there are names of pioneers, very young heroes, who whole-heartedly gave their lives during the days of occupation of Yelets. Some streets of Yelets were named after them. And we, Yelets residents, bow our heads before the feat of these children by age and adults by deeds.

In 1998, a monument to warriors who died in the army in times of peace was opened in the Komsomolsky Public Garden, in the eve of the International Children's Day. One would think, what is a connection? Soldiers with weapons in hands – are they children? But let us recall: many of them have just reached the age of 18; all of them are someone’s sons, someone’s children and they died because serious adult people who stay in high offices and wear general’s shoulder-straps were short-sighted, unwise and sometimes simply indifferent.

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