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The estate was built in 1877. . The most luxurious residential building in the entire history of the existence of Nizhny Novgorod, an amazing monument of civil architecture: it is infused architectural features, family history, history of the city. The owner of the estate of S. M. Rukavishnikov ordered the project future estate architect P. S. Boytsov DM, who completed the project of reconstruction of the old building, turning it into a Palace type. For the decoration of the facade was invited to St. Petersburg sculptor M. Mikeshin, who is the author of numerous caryatids, cupids, and the Atlanteans on the facade. Their joint work and was the result of the appearance in Nizhny Novgorod building in the form of an Italian Palazzo. This Association with Italy firmly established in the minds and in the memory of many generations Nizhegorodtsev, the so-called "Palazzo". The architect preserved old structures, built the wings, added a third floor, South side built a marble staircase to a double-height hall, which was richly decorated with stucco and paintings. All interior spaces are characterized by the splendor of finishes from floor to ceiling, by the way, on the floor no less worthy in luxury flooring. These grandiose premises, the appearance of the building give a complete picture of the merchant's taste and testify to their abundance. Since 1924 there is a local history Museum, now Historical-architectural Museum-reserve. The history of the Museum lasts almost a century and during that time the funds have accumulated a rich collection (more than 320 thousand units of storage). Museum exhibits - part of the personal collection of the renowned in the history of Russian noble families: Abamelek-Lazarevich, Sheremetev, as well as items from the personal collection of V. Burmistrova (nee Rukavishnikova). The Estate offers tours, during which guests will learn about the history of home, family Rukavishnikova, also presents historical exhibitions.


This house has literary value, as it was described by I. S. Rukavishnikov in his novel "Cursed clan". Ivan Rukavishnikov - writer, poet of the silver age. Ivan Rukavishnikov had the son of the owner of the house S. M. Rukavishnikov,and therefore knew life in this house firsthand: "it was Built so many years in the city was not at home that is equal. No one neither the audacity nor the capital is not enough. All in the Palace without the hype. Where see marble, the marble is real..." . Naturally, the brighter the monument, the more all kinds of legends about him. This house is no exception. According to family legend, the previous owner from the same family Rukavishnikova flatly refused to go, and therefore S. Rukavishnikov decided to incorporate the old mansion in new forms. And there is yet another legend... Allegedly the architect asked the customer what style he sees the future ownership and offered him a choice: the neo-Gothic, eclectic, Baroque. And Rukavishnikov waved his hand and said; "go Ahead all: all the money is enough." Despite the fact that they are urban legends, they explained many details of the history of the house: why the saved old bearing walls, why the house is so Grand and ornate appearance. Yes, the building reflects the tastes of the owner of the estate and gives a possibility to talk about this family that left for the city many monuments.

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