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Tne zhigulyovskiy brewery

443010, Russia, Samara, Volzhsky Avenue, 4
+7 (846) 332-41-75 +7 (846) 332-60-73

Zhiguli Brewery in Samara - one of the oldest companies in Russia. It was built in 1881 by an Austrian citizen Alfred Filippovitch Vakano background . It is at this factory started production of the famous country Zhigulevsky beer. By 1913, the plant became the third in the list of the largest breweries in Russia . The plant's products honored top awards at international exhibitions in Paris, London , Rome.Factory built Herr von Vakano designed in an elegant architectural style reminiscent of medieval German castle . The whole ensemble of industrial buildings can without exaggeration be called a work of art, not by chance related to plant industrial architecture monuments of federal significance.Today, the brewery continues to work. Buy fresh draft beer you can cult for Samarans place called " Bottom ." Here foamy drink bottled straight from the factory .

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