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Museum of Sergey Zharov

249100, the Kaluga region, Tarusa, Schmidt Street, 11a Phone 8-910-600-17-36

Just recently, there appeared a place in Tarusa, which can compete with painted houses of Borovsk by its uniqueness – the first private museum was opened at Schmidt Street, 11a.

 Sergey Viktorovich Zharov is a jack-of-all-trades. He made himself a good part of exhibits of the museum using his welding machine and his amazing fantasy. Sergey works wonders out of old fuel tanks and parts of sewing machines, gears and bolts, entangled wires, crankshafts, screws, etc.

 Iron men came alive in the yard of his house, everyone having his own history. Adult visitors take a picture with Onegin in a top hat. The dinosaur Gosha is smiling to rapturous kids. The building houses an exhibition of old things: gramophones, kerosene stoves, oil cookers, old gramophone records and albums, collection of pictures of Tarusa of the last and century and the one before the last century. Extensive collection of ancient irons (more than 100 exhibits).


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