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Racheysk Alps

Fanciful stone boulders forming fantastical labyrinths, the interweaving of pines, bright-green carpets of moss and ferns, bogs of cranberries, huckleberries and whortleberries, mysterious lichens, vast clusters of mushrooms hiding under the trees – it’s not an illustration from a fairy-tale book. It’s the Racheysk Forest and Racheysk Alps, located in the Syzran District of Samara Region. How and whence did taiga flora suddenly appear here, at the southern edge of the forest-steppe zone, what giant curiously sprinkled mushrooms here, and why are the remains of petrified trees found here, amongst living specimens? Scientists believe that it was precisely here, in the Racheysk Forest, that an ice formation emanating from Eurasia ultimately halted its march millions of years ago. The Racheysk Mountains are also considered to be a place of concentration of various anomalies, which has found its expression in local folklore.

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