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The Belkino manor

the Kaluga region, Obninsk

The Belkino manor, the pride of Obninsk inhabitants, has been known since the times of Ivan the Terrible. Belkino changed many owners during its bright history: it belonged to Malyuta Skuratov, then Godunovs, Princes Dolgorukovs, then a famous nobleman of Elisabeth times – Illarion Vorontsov. This place is related to the family of Pushkins, a famous doctor Fyodor Inozemtsev grew here, Princess Yekaterina Dashkova, scientist, famous painters Isaac Levitan and Valentin Serov visited this place as guests. Finally, Obninskys, noble family, purchased Belkino, after which the city was named. 

The manor is located in the north suburb of modern Obninsk and is inhabitants’ favourite place for walks. The population of Obninsk fight for the life of the manor as they can: the oldest church of the city dating back to the second half of the XVIII century, which was named after martyrs Boris and Gleb, was renovated, the lime tree park with cascade ponds was restored. You will certainly remember your walk in the Belkino park with its decorative bridge and the lovers’ arbor. There is a monument to Alexander Pushkin, the first monument to a man of art rather than a man of science in this city, is erected in the shadow of lime tree walkways. Of course, the three-storey manor house, which is breaking down, is a woeful spectacle, but investments will probably come to this part of manor as well. The structure of the XVIII is very simple, no columns, no porches. A balcony is outstanding in the centre of the building. However, inhabitants of Obninsk still do not lose their hope to see Belkino in its former greatness, projects for its renovation were prepared many times, but a miniature manor at its zenith may be seen in the Museum of Obninsk History.

There is a painting of Valentin Serov “Hall of the old house. Belkino Manor in Kaluga gubernia” in the State Tretyakov Gallery.

To see:

  • Ruins of the principal house;
  • Church of Boris and Gleb of 1773 with traits of Baroque and Classicism (renovated);
  • Lime tree park with regular and landscaped sections, divided by a cascade of ponds descending to the Large Pond.

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