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Tourist and recreational center

155555, +7 (4932) 30-69-88 , +7 (4932) 26-40-90

In the snow time ples is transfigured, it becomes almost white sugar, old rickety houses out of the smoke and clubs throughout the city spreads a pleasant smell of dried wood, which burn the houses and baths.

As winter is associated with snow, Plyos for skiers associated with the ski complex "Milówka". In ples can not only deal with traditional Russian winter amusements: toboggans, sleds, skates and cross-country skiing. In winter ples erected and put into service for ski enthusiasts and snowboarders extreme ski route under the name of Milówka.

The resort began to attract growing numbers of tourists adventurers and fans of extreme sports. TC"Milówka" is located in the heart of the Golden Ring of Russia, where the beauty of nature in these places is known to all who visited our area.

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