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Ski resort "Chindirchero"

Russia, R. of Dagestan, akushinski district, S. Ginta
+7 (928)873-19-70? +7 (928)580-87-87, +7(928)578-64-78, +7 (938)204-49-60

Ski resort "Chindirchero" is located in the village of Ginta, Republic of Dagestan. The beautiful nature of the North Caucasus makes it attractive for all categories of tourists.

For lovers of skiing here that have slopes of varying degrees of difficulty, a total length of 16 kilometers. The elevation is 470 meters. 4 tracks have snow machines. All the slopes are floodlit, making it possible to use them in the evening. The vertices are 8 lifts with high capacity.
Novice skiers can learn skiing from experienced instructors. The necessary equipment can be rented in one of the rentals. Nice time and to try dishes of national and European cuisine in one of the cafes and restaurants that offer a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains.
Guests can be accommodated in the hotels of economy class. The room Fund provides for even multi-occupancy (4-, 5-bed rooms). For those who prefer leisure VIP level, Chindirchero there are comfortable cottages with marking 4 stars.
To diversify the rest it is possible to practice archery, the crossbow and firearms, having made a Safari on snowmobiles and ATVs, and in the evening visit disco.

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