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Svobody Square

445000, Togliatti

Svobody square became one of the first land plots where the new city of Stavropol started to be built. The original architectural designs envisaged construction of Pushkin's Square in this spot, with an adjacent Pushkin boulevard. But instead, the idea of the Komsomol (young Communists) members, who were the actual construction workers of the place, was implemented. Their idea included the obelisk to the Freedom Fighters in the centre of the square (now known as Obelisk of Glory), to commemorate the hero countrymen. Thus, the area became known as the Freedom (Svobody) Square, and Pushkin's boulevard turned into the Youth boulevard. To honor Pushkin, a small street limiting the area from the south-east side was named after him. The architectural ensemble of Svobody square includes buildings of Stalin’s classicism style:
the cultural centre, now the puppet theatre "Pilgrim" originally designated for 400 seats and later extended to 500 seats (1958); Stavropol city administration, now the city hall of Togliatti (1955-59); the administration of Stavropol district (1957-58); the building of the Kuibyshev branch of the "Saratovgesstroy"; and a set of the apartment buildings (1958-59).

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