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Salzburg Church

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In 1732 to Prussia at the invitation of Frederick William I moved 16 thousand Austrians from the city of Salzburg, persecuted for the confession of Protestantism. About 12 thousand people have found refuge on the territory of modern Gusev district.

18 June 1839, on the place of the temporary Church, built for the immigrants from Salzburg in the middle of the XVIII century, was founded the Salzburg Church. On 15 October 1840, the Church was consecrated. In the Church of Memel (Klaipeda) was brought the body of the work 1835 Salzburg Lutheran Church is a simple brick building with a tower in the West. The round arches on the North and South sides there were three large Windows.

During the Second world war the Church suffered little, after the war it was used as a storehouse road repair and construction management. In 1993-1998, was restored with German assistance. Currently the Church uses Evangelical Lutheran congregation.

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