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Laying of the Cathedral dates back to the year 1333. The beginning of the construction of the Cathedral was laid by Bishop Johannes to Clara, who in 1327 for the construction on the Eastern half Kniphofia walled Episcopal court, to which later the southern part was added to the covered gallery and the building of the shelter. Initially the Cathedral was designed as a fortification, as evidenced by a three-meter thickness of the Eastern wall. On top of this massive wall was to be built wide move for defenders to him to be added corner towers. The owner of the territory, the Grand master of the Teutonic order Luther von Braunschweig resisted these plans, and the thickness of the North and South walls was cut in half.

By 1351, the Cathedral was covered by a roof and by the decision of the Grand master of Winrich von Kniprode was immediately started its reconstruction, which lasted until 1382. In the middle of the sixteenth century both towers of the Cathedral burned down and were rebuilt with a noticeable influence of the Renaissance. In 1558 all the professors standing in front of the University had the right to be buried in the open gallery on the Northern wall of the choir. Immanuel Kant was in 1804, the last one who found peace at the Cathedral.

In the early twentieth century the Cathedral underwent a restoration which lasted 6 years. Were released from the plaster of the frescoes, restored some original elements. The Cathedral completely burned out by the bombing in 1944, floors, towers and walls were destroyed. The new reconstruction began in 1990 and is still ongoing. Now in the premises of the Cathedral are Orthodox and Protestant chapels, and a tower part of the Cathedral is a Museum which presents the exhibition "Cathedral. Revival from ruins", "the history of the island Kneiphof" and "Immanuel Kant and his town".

Organ mini-concerts at 11:00 and 14.00, check the schedule on the Cathedral website. The great concerts: Saturday 18.00.

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