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Kirche Brandenburg

The parish Church was built in the early fourteenth century, although the first mention of it falls on just the year 1482. It is located next to the castle of Brandenburg, founded by Margrave Otto von Brandenburg, on the banks of Frising (now R. Cool) in 1266г. The Church is separated from the fortress with a wide and deep moat.

The Church building had a rich architectural design and consisted of a nave, tower, apse (semicircular projection of a building) and choirs. Above the arched entrance to the tower was located bas-relief with the coat of arms of Brandenburg, it is still possible to see through the letters.

Komtur Teutonic Gunther von Hohenstein was buried in the Church of Brandenburg in 1380. In 1633 the Church were donated two works of art. The first is the canopy in the form of the temple with thick Tuscan columns, which was donated to the Church by Barbara Jordan. The second hexagonal table for the baptism with engraved images of the four evangelists and tin top is a gift from Julianne Stalin.

During the hostilities in 1945 the Church was badly damaged. Currently preserved only the tower without a roof (above the entrance to the tower - slab with a bas-relief of the Brandenburg coat of arms) and almost completely destroyed the North and South walls.

In 2003 next to the Church were carried out excavations, but valuable finds have been discovered. In November 2010, the Church became property of the Russian Orthodox Church.

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