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Sechinskie gate

Lithuanian shaft, 59-61
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The current building Zakamska gate was built in the mid-nineteenth century. However, the first gate on this place were built during the construction of the first fortifications of Konigsberg in the early seventeenth century. Until the late nineteenth century, when there was gross fortifications, gates served as a checkpoint at the entrance to the city. After the ramparts were razed they lost their defensive function and became a sort of analogue of the arc de Triomphe. In the beginning of XX century the gates were sold by the military Department to the city. After this part of the casemates were demolished, and were added to the gate of a house.

After the Second world war, the gate became used as a warehouse, wherein the function they served until 2006. While gates has the status of a monument of Federal importance.

In 2006 began the restoration of the gate. After the restoration it was planned to transfer the gates of the Federal state institution "Center of standardization and Metrology". Currently gate is the venue for various cultural events: concerts, exhibitions, conferences.

Sechinskie gates have one travel in the form of an arch. In the past, on the sides there were also smaller arches, which may have been a pedestrian passages, however up to now they have not survived. At the corners of the gate there are four towers: two round side of the city and octagonal from the outside. By the city gates were adorned with reliefs by Johann David Ludwig and Friedrich Wilhelm bülow, from the outside — the image of the black eagle (Order of the Black eagle was the highest award of Prussia).

Construction description from the Baldur Kester (translated by Alex Shabunina):

Surprisingly, the königsberg gates, which in terms of their purpose were almost identical when moving from one building to another has invented new forms.

And if it still shows only the gate had a massive corner towers, which were pure scenery, in the case zakhaymskie Vorota (and described further gate to the Friedrichsburg Fort) had made a powerful hollow with a round tower that you can climb. This form gives the impression of simplicity, almost no frills. The scenery, approximating to the Gothic style, is minimized.

Today's impression, when the gates stand apart from the broad roadway, and a large driveway laid with brick, a deceptive and does not represent the original form of the gate. At first, the gate consisted of two towers with a gate passage between them. The left and right of the gate continued of the building. And here is the viewing party was given in width but not in length.

Two portrait medallion of York and von bülow (also made by Wilhelm Ludwig Sturmer) now missing. Visible only empty medallions.

Source: visit-kaliningrad.ru

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