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Lutheran Church Of The Cross

Kaliningrad, street of General Pavlova, 2
+7 (4012) 58-01-12

Since 1990 the Orthodox Church
Plantage 10-12 (Lomza) — street of General Pavlova, 2
Time of construction: 1930 — 1933
In 1944/45, damaged (destruction of the roof, the dome and South tower interior)
In 1989-92, the restoration (in 1990 the completion of the restoration of the towers)
Architect: Arthur Cichon from Berlin
Restoration architect: Yury Zabuga

Work on the design of the Church of the cross began before the First world war. But only in 1930-33 he was able to be erected by the Church itself and the adjacent East building of the pastoral office. Two side wings that give the building the shape of a cross, and are unable to be built, the current side wing in the Northern part was added after 1950

Building description:

Church of the cross is a kind of building that in its style defies classification. Thanks to emergence of the path to becoming the architect of the Church of Kikton versed in the construction of European churches. However, he tried — and in this he differed little from architects of his time — to overcome historicism and just left behind the "art Nouveau". But for him this did not mean the restriction of forms to structurally necessary, no, he was trying to keep certain forms of jewelry, however, to find them completely different language.

Opened from the inside stretched relatively high the room, covered with a barrel vault. Behind the rows of columns on the right and left opened the side aisles with galleries. Both side of the nave extended flat microconchs, which was evident from the outside. Seen on an old photograph awaken their decoration with floral ornaments memories of "Jugendstil", however, he smoothly avoided the current lines and was located more strictly in the style of classicism.

Appearance brown-red brick buildings restored rather accurately. The location of the side Windows — one square and one at the bottom is elongated in length with the completion of a semicircular arch at the top is simple and not tied to a specific time. In the same spirit, and made weakly accentuated cornice. Similar items can be found in other constructions of this time. Particularly impressive main front facing West. From the surface of the side walls and from the surface of the West wall is gradually "grow" the two towers.

First, the three parties, and then five (the back side of the Western front must be seen bottom left), becoming more independent over the connecting walls of the octagonal towers. The vague line of the West wall. Powerful arch, portal, reaching two thirds the height of the tower and the West reminiscent of the buildings in the romantic style, several sinks deep into his round shaped bricks, like medieval portals with their chetvertyi three columns. This portal covers a disproportionately large white cross, made in the wall separated the white and colored tiles. Even more masterful language forms of the spires of the towers. As in the case of romantic openings framing window presses inward, artfully folded hemispheres resemble the dome of the Normans or even the Moors.

After 1945 the Church received a temporary flat roof was used for domestic purposes, as well as the garage. Thanks to the architect Sabuga during the restoration in 1989/92, the roof was rebuilt in its old complex form. Unfortunately, inside it was made to overlap, resting on heavy concrete piers, on old columns and a number of new columns in the middle. Still the average of both nave and choir have been covered with light steel structures. The barrel vault was rebuilt, the sides covered with a flat roof. So on the "top floor" instead of the previous high elongated space we only see a very flat area, emphasizing their microconchs width. It is simply painted white, and except for the new iconostasis no embellishment.

Currently — Orthodox exaltation of the Holy cross Cathedral.

If visiting tour groups to pre-arrange the time of visitHoly cross Cathedral by phone: 8 911 494 64 38 (Tatyana)

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