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The Amber Museum

Marshal Vasilevsky square, 1
Тел: +7 (4012) 46-15-63, 46-65-50

The only Russian amber Museum is housed in the tower "Dona", was built in 1858 by the project of the engineer-fortifier M. Montalembert in neo-Romanesque monumental style as part of the Second rampart of the perimeter of the city of Koenigsberg. By the end of the century these fortifications had become obsolete and lost its military significance, however, played a role in the Second world.

Tower "Dona" surrendered last, after the surrender, after the story of the storming of the fortress city. In 70-ies there was founded the unique Museum of amber. The Museum contains several thousand items, including works of the 17th and 18th centuries, the world's second largest piece of amber weight 4,28 kg, the amazing diversity of the collection of inclusions, pieces of amber with embedded insects and plants, the age of which is several tens of millions of years.

The Museum exposition tells about the history of the origin and methods of extraction of precious fossilized resin. The Museum hosts exhibitions of modern copyright products, and the walls of the tower there is a small market where you can buy amber Souvenirs, not afraid to get a fake.

On preliminary record by phone +7 (4012) 53 82 19 Museum staff arrange tours of the current exhibitions in the Russian and English languages. Also available audio guide.

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