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The fortress of seven brothers Sedinovich

Near the village of Chanaz is another castle seven brothers Saganovich, which otherwise can not be called the Eagle. Fortress, it is unclear how, built on the rocky top, with three sides terminating in a deep pit, and the fourth having a narrow as a knife in the passage, which can only be overcome with the use of climbing equipment, is amazing no less majestic Castle frigate. One can only guess how difficult it was by Semenovym to build a fortress that no one was able to take in the entire history of its existence.

According to legend, the fortress of seven brothers Sedinovich guarded the passage through the pass in the upper reaches of the Mountain Digoria-just one. According to the locals, in the thirteenth century, the troops of Iranian Nadir Shah tried to seize the fortress, but this attack was not possible. Then the troops of the Shah besieged the Fort in the hope that its defenders over the water and the defenders are forced to surrender.

However, every night the three sisters Sedinovich on the secret trail gave the brothers water. On hearing this the troops of Shah ambushed and caught the sisters. After unsuccessful attempts to force to show the passage to the fortress, they killed them and their bodies dumped at the foot of the fortress. Seeing that the brothers wanted to immediately rush to the troops of the Shah and die, but to avenge his sisters. However, at the exit of the fortress they were stopped by the heartbroken father who had forbidden his sons to leave the castle walls, and ordered instead to shoot one of the rock walls surrounding the castle. The enemies, seeing that the brothers fired at the rock, decided that they were mad with grief. The brothers shots shattered the stone holding from dropping a huge boulder, called the mountain collapse that buried under the army of the Shah.

Today about the heroism of the sisters Sedinovich resemble three roadside stone Cirta (monument) at the foot of the rock, on which still stands the never defeated fortress.


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