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The main interest in Macute is Sklepowe burial, which according to oral tradition belongs to the legendary Sled Soslan, one of the main characters Nart epos of the Ossetians.

Just above the crypt you can see the large flat depressions in the ground, leaving the chain to the forest. It is considered that this should Be left during powerful games.

Very very interested in the impressive stone Carty (monuments), which, according to Vsevolod Miller, was originally 12, but, to date, survived only 8.

According to legend, as soon as the enemy closer to Digor gorge, as the locals fled to the crypt Narta Exiled and loudly shouted: "Exiled, fades!" ("Exiled alert!"), what Exiled at the same moment jumped out of the crypt with only one question – which side of the enemy. People had only to specify the direction and the enemy have been defeated.

Somehow, one of the rural boys decided to make a joke and crept to the tomb, shouted: "Exiled, fades!". Jumped out of the vault Exiled, seeing the laughing boy, turned and silently went back to the crypt. Since then, the legendary hero no longer responded to the call of the people

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