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Galiat – last, the biggest settlement on the way to Shedsome pass. This amazing medieval architectural complex. The houses are built in tiers. Hardly still somewhere in the Caucasus mountains you can see the residential "high-rises Dating from the X century.

In Galliate everything speaks of past greatness. Archaeologists claim already in the X century it had running water and sewage system. Here were concentrated large craft shops. The local nobility was a cattle dealer. Galitskie calves and lambs were famous far beyond the borders of Ancient Ossetia. Through Walikale gorge, where is located Galiat, ran the famous silk road.

Around Galata, on the spurs of the ridge, located a few cult complexes. The most interesting of them – sanctuary AVD juary", ascending back to sanibona the Scythian Pantheon.

Remoteness from the main roads and destructive of civilization has been allowed to keep Galiata the medieval spirit of the settlement. Wandering through its narrow streets, touching the stones, looking at lying around the reserved spaces it is easy to imagine how, slowly, steadily and ascetic teclee here, days, years, centuries.

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