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The Island Rikorda

Primorsky Krai, Vladivostok

The island Rikorda is located in the Peter the Great Bay, South of Vladivostok, consists of two parts, North and South, connected by an isthmus. The island stretches from the Park to the South by 4 km East-West width of the island reaches 2 km. the Maximum height of the surface of the island above sea level of 178 meters. The North-West coast of the island is decorated with red and black cliffs and pebble beaches with large boulders. The southeastern side is high, its banks are steep and rocky. Bay East is famous for its gorgeous sandy and pebble beach.

Theisland Rikorda surveyed and mapped in 1862-1863 years by the hydrographic expedition of Colonel in the corps of naval navigators Babkin V. M. called "the Island rikorda" by the name of Director of the Hydrographic Department of the Naval Ministry of Admiral rikord, Petr Ivanovich, Navigator and Explorer, statesman.

Most of the island surface of the island is overgrown with dense and sometimes impenetrable deciduous forest, consisting mainly of oak and lime trees. Forest interspersed with clearings, and overgrown with bushes. Are found in the woods imortant and aralia, Amur grape and schisandra, Actinidia kolomikta and barberry, rhododendron, and rose. Part of the island's territory is occupied by meadows, where bloom the entire fields of irises, lilies, bells. On the rugged East coast of adroa there are entire sections of rock, is very picturesque, red and black shades, kotorey nature lovers called the "Red rocks" and "Black rock."

Living world Islands are the raccoon dog and the Fox, mouse, snake Amur and Copperhead, small rodents. On the rocks of the North-Western part of the island there are small rookeries, where nest: the hoopoe and Bunting, Swifts, and titmice, cormorants and gulls.

The underwater world of the island rikorda very rich. In coastal waters you can meet the seals Largo and Dolphin and even whale. In this part Peter the Great Bay is inhabited by a huge number of different species of fish, mussel, and scallop, and sea cucumber cucumaria.

The Island Rikorda desert is a wonderful vacation destination thanks to the unique nature of the island, pristine water, magnificent beaches. In the summer season on the island rikorda works tent camp, children's camp.

In the camp rental boats, sports equipment, organised the boat trip and the boat has everything you need for diving.

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