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Primorsky Krai, Vladivostok, the bay of Sobol'

SUP (stand up paddle surfing) — a sport rapidly gained popularity worldwide in the last 10 years. For skiing, there is a large Board on which the rider stands, and a light paddle. On SUP-boards it is possible to travel along the coast, rafting on the rivers and, of course, catching waves.

The peculiarity of sports is the availability. To learn how to glide over the smooth water, is about 5 minutes. It is only necessary to take a wide, stable Board for beginners. Catching waves is more difficult, requires practice. And still, SUP is much easier than classic surfing, and less demanding conditions — you can ride the waves from 30 cm

The best place for SUP surfing in Vladivostok is the bay of Sobol. Due to the special bottom topography, the waves here are very correct and long. The only disadvantage of SAP-boards is their size of about 3 meters, a few years ago there were inflatable SUP Board. They pumped special pump to high pressure and becomes very hard, and in deflated form, Packed in a special backpack. It inflatable "Sapa" is the most popular among residents of Vladivostok, where just excellent conditions for SUP surfing.

Currently riding on a SUP is very popular in Vladivostok sport. A lovely day along the coast and ride hundreds of people. The most favorite SUP-routes: lighthouse on the Peninsula Basargin, beautiful Cape Tomisina Bay Labor from sunken ships. And, of course, the island of the sheet, with its many grottoes and lagoons.

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