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Retaining walls

Primorsky Krai, Vladivostok

In Vladivostok due to its hilly terrain, a retaining wall is one of the main architectural forms of the city. The road nestled between the hills, homes built the "stepping stones", so the slopes should be strengthened.

Retaining walls — the subject of increased attention of not only engineers, but also artists. The walls do not remain faceless grey concrete, they decided to paint or paint.

Much success in art-art made up the art group Concrete Jungle and 33+1. The locals call them on their Saturdays to help paint and ideas for decorating the retaining walls. In salty, humid air and a painting lasts a long time. Therefore, the appearance of the walls changes regularly, and artists hone skills.

So there is a long retaining wall , for example, between the stops "Pokrovsky Park" and "Ribollita" that can be a long leisurely look at the unfolding scenes.

The most prominent retaining wall in Vladivostok — in the heart of "Dawn", at the entrance to the city. Two of them, they are built in Soviet times, and is made of cobblestone pavers. The main thing in these walls are the bas — reliefs. The first wall — "Dary taygi". It introduces the ginseng, Eleutherococcus, tigers, etc. — "seafood". From her space look out shrimp, sea cucumbers, mermaids, scallops, flounder and other ocean creatures. These walls — are real masterpieces. A few years ago they were reconstructed and provided night illumination.

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