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The Vladivostok Arbat

Primorsky Krai, Vladivostok, Admirala Fokina St.

Near the Central square of the city is ulitsa Admirala Fokina. In Vladivostok it is called the Arbat, as it is relatively short (less than a kilometer) and is fully pedestrianised. One of the oldest streets of the city previously was called "Beijing" in honor of the Beijing Treaty of 1860 (the year of Foundation of Vladivostok), finally razgranicenja Russian and Chinese possessions in the far East. A century later it changed its name, having a name of the Admiral, for many years commander of the Pacific fleet.

In 2011 at the "Arbat" there was a major reconstruction has changed the architectural composition of this part of the city. On both sides of the pedestrian zone, closer to the houses, there were streets, and in the Central part has been updated fountains. Between plantings installed benches and lights, made in retrostile.

From April to November there is an active street musicians and representatives of various youth movements and groups: while everything is peaceful and friendly.

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