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The City Park of culture

Primorsky Krai, Partizansk, the City Park of culture

City Park of culture located on the main street of Lenin, was opened on 31 August 1952 on the site where once stood an abandoned mine. The curator of the creation of a recreational zone was made by Vasily Fedorovich Garbar. A significant cultural contribution to the activities of the Park have made semen, Gorpenko. He created a number of monuments to Lenin, Gorky, the figure of a pioneer, and pioneers. Over time, most of his works were lost.

There are red tees, lemongrass, Siberian ginseng, and many other rare plants. Also in this place there are a number of relict plants that have survived (Amur grape, Chinese Magnolia vine, etc.). The Park is a favorite place of rest of residents and guests of the city. In summer, the Park hosts dances, a children's amusement Park.

All visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of trees, shrubs and flowers, to walk along the lake with a fountain and feed the "locals" squirrels and pigeons.

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