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The Museum of the history of Partizansk

Primorsky Krai, Partizansky urban Okrug, the city of Partizansk, 50 let VLKSM St. 14

On the main street of Lenin is a Museum of the history of the city of Partizansk and part of the Primorsky branch of the Museum named after Arseniev. In its Fund includes over 7 thousand exhibits. Held following exhibitions: "the Natural wealth of the region", "Their names are in the names of streets", "the History of Luchanskogo mine." The new exposition includes such sections on, how the protection of nature and the history of the partisan movement, is a hall of local and regional artists and craftsmen.

Was established in 1976, 7 years later in 1983 changed the location, moving to new premises. In 1986 he updated the list of the displayed exhibits, which included "environmental Protection" and "Suchansky mine." Also, the visitors here will be able to see natural exhibits of Primorsky Krai, and find yourself in a room surrounded by old and long-forgotten things from the past under the title "Ethnography of urban lofts".

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