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The Central square of Partizansk

Primorsky Krai, Partizansky urban Okrug, Central square of the city of Partizansk

The Central square of Partizanske is a vast area for walking, a favorite place of rest of residents and guests of the city. Here, in the immediate vicinity is also located a number of cultural objects: the monument to Vladimir Lenin, the City culture Park, city of Partizansk, honorary Board residents etc.

On the square are held the main celebrations and concerts. They also arrange rallies. At the Partizansk there is an old tradition in the town square every year, graduates from all schools in the city waltzing at the Central square. In winter, a mandatory attribute of the square is decorated with toys and garlands, the tree.

The weekend is organized fair-sale of fresh agricultural and dairy products. In the evening the square is illuminated with lights and bright illumination.

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