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The Airfield in Novonezhino

Primorsky Krai, Shkotovsky district, village Novonezhino

In the Shkotovsky district in the village Novonezhino is the airfield, which all year round attracts tourists and lovers of active holidays. The airfield had previously been a base of anti-submarine aircraft of the Pacific Fleet and helicopters, but later it was moved to the Parking lot of the small-scale aviation.

Novonezhino airfield was built before world war II, in 1935, was brought here the first piece of equipment - the first mine-torpedo aviation in the far East. 2 years later was formed fighter and mine-torpedo regiments. In 1952, after the transition to jet technology, the regiment moved to another airport "Knevichi West".

In 1958 there were based helicopter regiment of the Pacific fleet, in the mid-80s, was formed helicopter squadron. After mass reduction of aviation in the USSR in 1993, the helicopter regiment has ceased to exist, after 5 years of the reformation and was subjected to the regiment of the Pacific fleet.

The peculiarity of the location of the Airfield is the close proximity of houses and the compact layout. Based on the characteristics of the technology, the noise didn't cause the locals any problems.

Currently there is Parking of funds for small aircraft to fly tourists and lovers of skydiving.

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