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Primorsky Krai, Shkotovsky district, village Novonezhino,

For thrill-seekers in Novonezhino works flying club "Seventh heaven". He is well known in the region, and enabling anyone to experience the incomparable pleasure of flying under the canopy.

This club is for those who has long dreamed to make a parachute jump, who has already jumped and is jumping constantly.

Jumps are held every Saturday and Sunday and holidays, depending on weather conditions. The Aero club "Seventh heaven" allows tourists to make both independent jumps and jumping in tandem with an instructor. Independent jumps with a round parachute are performed from a height of 800 metres, tandem jumps performed from a height of 2500 meters. An obligatory condition to make a jump with a parachute is pre-registration, registration on flight, carry out detailed instructions (takes 3-4 hours).

After the first jump, the visitor will need to go through an initiation ceremony: the presentation of the certificate and official congratulations from the instructor.

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