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The Military history Museum of Pacific fleet

Primorsky Krai, Vladivostok, Svetlanskaya St. 65

In 1945 the command of the Pacific fleet (together with Primorsky regional Committee) adopted decision on creation of a Museum dedicated to the glorious military history of the Pacific fleet. A special initiative in the creation of the Museum was shown by Sushkov And Colonel B., who led the work on collecting exhibits and collections of the Museum. Under his immediate direction, was brought exhibits from Kamchatka, Kuril and commander Islands, the Russian Museum from Port Arthur. Some of the exhibits were transferred to other museums and organizations in the country.

On the anniversary of the great Victory – may 9, 1950, the Military-historical Museum welcomed its first visitors. The first head of the Museum has become Sushkov A. B.

Until 1997 the exposition of the Museum of the Pacific fleet was located in the building of the Lutheran Church, and since September 1997 in a historic building from 1902, which is located on the street Svetlanskaya, 66. The Museum building itself is a historical landmarkof Vladivostok and previously lived single, and family officers of the Siberian flotilla.

Shortly after moving Museum of the Pacific fleet was closed for renovation and expansion of exhibits. 9 may 2005 the opening of the renovated exhibit.
Today the Museum houses more than 40 thousand exhibits, and under the exposure provided 11 rooms, located on two floors. Unique historical exhibits tell about the history of the origin and development of the Pacific fleet since the time of Peter I to the present day.
The Museum features weapons, uniforms, medical instruments since the Russian-Japanese war; a collection of ship models; Maritime watercolors of the artist Kuyantseva p. P. and more.

Branches of the Museum are the Pacific fleet patrol ship "Red pennant"(1958), Guards red banner submarine s-56(1975), the Voroshilov Battery on Russky island (1997).

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