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The Monument to Solzhenitsyn

Primorsky Krai, Vladivostok, Korabelnaya Embankment

September 5, 2015 at Vladivostok was a monument to Alexander Solzhenitsyn - one of the most vocal and consistent critics of the political system of the USSR, laureate of the Nobel prize for literature (1970). For dissident activities in 1974, he was accused of treason, stripped of his Soviet citizenship and expelled from the USSR.

Solzhenitsyn returned to Russia in 1994 in the city of Vladivostok. After which he travelled by train across Russia. After arrival to Moscow has acted in the State Duma, got a dacha and was accepted to the Academy of Sciences. Solzhenitsyn in 1998, refused the order of St. Andrew, but in 2007 accepted the award - the state award from hands of the President.

Solzhenitsyn monument, created by sculptor Peter Chegodaev, was opened on Ship quay of Vladivostok on September 5. The ceremony was attended by the writer's son yermolai Solzhenitsyn.

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