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The camp "Yuzhanka"

Primorsky Krai, Nakhodka, the settlement of the southern Sea

The base of rest "the southerner" located on the coast of p. South Sea, in 2 km of the village of Livadia . A small base of rest "the world" is a good option for family holiday by the sea with children.

The base of rest "the southerner" is a small fenced area (15 hectares), located on a hill, 100 metres from the sea. Near the base of rest "the world" there are two sandy beach: 100 m, small sandy beach and a large -200 metre.

The swimming season in the southern Sea begins in mid-June and lasts until the beginning of September. In August the water in the shallows warms up to + 24 °C, and average temperature at this time reaches 19-20 °C.

The coastline at the location of the base of rest "the world" consists of several large sandy beaches with a length from 200 metres to 2 km from the Beaches of the South Sea have a particular sparkle (due to the particles of quartz in the sand and attract holidaymakers from all over the Far East.

On the shore in the summer camp arranged and wild beaches, without tents.
Two kilometers from the recreation center "southern" is the village. Livadia, where are the nearest shops, pharmacy, gas station, restaurant, water Park, banana boat, scooter, hang glider, helicopter.

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