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The monument "The Children of war"

Primorsky Krai. Guerrilla city district. Partizansk

Monument "Children of war" was opened in honor of the 75th anniversary of the beginning of world war II June 22, 2015. The mastermind behind its creation was made by the Council of veterans of Guerrilla city district. The special significance of this memorial is betraying his uniqueness. It is the second monument in the country, which is dedicated to the heroism of young heroes. The second is In St. Petersburg.

This monument bears a special value: it reminds us that war knows no age and everyone can make a meaningful contribution to the victory.

Memorial stele "Childhood, burnt by war" consists of two columns. The first is devoted to the feat of participants of the great Patriotic war. "First, get rewards, and then – passports" – chiseled in stone. The second column of the obelisk commemorates the heroism of the children, replacing their fathers and grandfathers at work in war and postwar years.
During the war years the majority of workers in the mines of Partizansk were minors. Young workers labored for the good of the homeland, releasing the weapons and other ammunition.

It is no coincidence that the chosen location of the monument, in the square near the Museum of the city of Partizansk. Many residents and visitors have the opportunity to visit this memorial and to commend the heroes of world war II.



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